Are you looking for a way to reach out to many shoppers, and then this will educate you to know about the benefits of Shopify SEO in 2021.
In today’s time, most people get help from Google when they want to do shopping or when they need to make any shopping decision. If you’re going to reach out in front of the shoppers, you need to improve your website’s Google ranking and visibility. To reach out to the shoppers, then this Shopify SEO will help you with that.
Shopify SEO is a long-term game, and this helps you build a strong SEO and content marketing strategy by following specific proven techniques. This Shopify SEO will help increase your digital presence, and in return, your revenue will get increased. Some services like SEO Sydney, help with this SEO strategy, so you can even ask them to help take help from them.
What is Shopify SEO?
Shopify Search Engine Optimization or Shopify SEO is the process where it helps the website owners to improve the content and also helps to make a technical layout for your Shopify site. It will increase the store’s quality and content, and this Shopify SEO also helps improve your website’s organic traffic. If you are looking for a way to increase the Shopify SEO for your website, then here are a few tips to consider;
⦁ If you have a product page, then you need to add optimized page title and header tags.
⦁ The other important to do on your website is to improve the Shopify site’s navigation bar.
⦁ The final step in improving the Shopify SEO of your product page is to incorporate your page target and include secondary keywords while writing your product page’s content.
These are some quick and straightforward steps to do if you are aware of the Shopify SEO process, but if you are new to this, you may seek help from the services like Sydney SEO agency as they help you on that.
Shopify SEO is the most important thing as if you have done the process right, then SEO will enable more organic traffic to your website, which may convert into the number of potential customers.

Google search is the primary source to increase your website traffic and revenue, especially when it comes to the e-commerce platform. If the search result is organic, your website will automatically increase by 42% in traffic and 35% in revenue.
Does Shopify improve SEO?
Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform, and this consists of more than one million users. This platform consists of some rich features, and also you will get some attractive templates so that you can reach many customers online.
Nevertheless, the easiest and quickest way to deliver organic traffic to your website is to use Shopify via SEO. If you think that how Shopify can improve SEO, then this article is for you.
Shopify comes with some SEO-friendly features, which will help improve the rankings and have many other benefits. SEO is more concentrated on the keywords you are using in the content, and it will help to sprinkle some effective keywords on your content so that your website rank can get a higher position.
As most website owners are concentrated on Shopify SEO, some agencies like Sydney SEO help the website owners.
Difference between Shopify SEO and Regular SEO:
Shopify SEO is different from regular SEO, and the SEO that takes place in the other type of CMS or website will provide various features. The SEO feature used in the Shopify store is unique, and also it offers different kinds of results.
If you are practising certain principles and practices on your website, you can apply the same features in your Shopify store. Shopify SEO will help to provide specific results for your e-commerce website. If you are confused about implementing the Shopify SEO, you can get help from the best SEO agency in Sydney, like SEO Agency PTY LTD, to know what Shopify SEO is.
Top 10 things to know about Shopify SEO:
Now you will have a clear idea that Shopify SEO is mainly used to make your website visible to a higher number of users. However, there are some strategies that you should know, and also here are some tips that will help you to include SEO in Shopify.
Here are the ten best steps to follow if you want to make your website a long-term success.
⦁ Go for Shopify Site Structure
Shopify, any platform, the site’s structure is an essential factor and based on that; only the content will be organized. If you want the visitors to spend more time on the website, you need to provide a proper website structure. A well-structured website will help the user to find out what they are looking for in less time. Also, it will help to increase your Google ranking in the search results.
Your website should consist of straightforward content to efficiently use the platform, so avoid several categories and sub-categories. If you follow a simple pattern, then the search engine can crawl your web page’s content and get a higher rank.

This diagram will help you to understand how simple your website structure should be. On your home page, the products should be placed a couple of clicks so that the user can easily find your products or service which they are looking for.
This Shopify will help you to set the menu structure of your website according to your needs. While building the website page, you should focus on the ranking factor and focus on the customers.
Your home page’s most crucial feature is the “About Us Page” and “Contact Us Page”, as these two pages will connect the website owner to the customers. They help to build trust in the customers over your product and services. Moreover, you can even include the search bar; it may not help increase the ranking, but it will easily access your website and easily navigate your page.
Here are some additional tips that will help you to improve the user experience;
Once you have optimized your site’s structure, it is time to improve the user experience. This is a crucial step as it will help your website to reach a higher rank;
⦁ Both the “About Us Page” and “Contact Us Page” is required for your website, so make sure not to overlook them.
⦁ Your site should require a good theme so that the users can easily navigate and read your website. It will help save the user’s time, and in return, it will lead to an increase in conversion and profit. Also, your Shopify site can be easily accessible through phone, tablet, and device.
These tips will not help you increase the SEO, but they will make your website visible to many customers. There are agencies like Sydney SEO agency that are offering services to improve the SEO for your website.
⦁ Setup and Submit Sitemap
There are a lot of ways available to set your Shopify account to the SEO; and here are the few ways;
⦁ Link your Google Analytics account
This is one of the best ways to help increase your website rankings, as this will help you find out where the traffic is coming from and what users are searching on your website.
If you plan to link your Google Analytics account with Shopify, click the admin option available at the top once you have logged in. You will find Tracking Info’s option and find the Tracking Code and use that code login to your Shopify store.
To complete the process, you need to paste the code into the Google Analytics account, and you have successfully submitted the account. This will be an excellent tool for your e-commerce platform, and if you want to know more about it, you can get help from any resources like SEO Sydney to get a clear idea about it.

⦁ Google Search Console
If you want your website to get correctly crawled and indexed, then you can register your Shopify website in the Google Search Console. You can do this by adding your account to the new property column. After the verification process gets completed, it will take some time for the data to appear on your screen.

⦁ Submit your sitemap
Once you have submitted your account on the Google Search Console, the next step is to submit your sitemap, making sure that your site is indexed accurately. This will let Google know about your website and also lists out the individual pages of your website.
If you want to generate the site map automatically, you need to enter a link and then click the sitemap option.

⦁ Faster Page Speed
The speed of your website page is vital to get a higher rank in the search results. If your site’s speed is slow, then the customer will not revisit your page. This may also decrease the conversion and profit. Likewise, if your Shopify site takes a long time to get a load, the customer will not stick to your site to buy the products, especially when people visit your site using a mobile.
The slower page speed can affect your site in many ways, as it will lead to a high bounce rate, low user engagement, spending less time on the site, and decrease organic traffic. When Google started to analyze your page speed, then it will lower the ranking of your page.

Initially, Google will analyze your site speed and suggest a few ways to improve your site speed. Even you can get help from the agencies like SEO agency Sydney to increase your site speed.
Here are some tips to consider if you need to improve your page speed and performance;
⦁ Stop using the pop-up windows, as the pop-up page will show the product which is in the menu list. So, the user will not visit your page’s menu list as they already know about your product. You can use pop-ups where it will add value, and while adding, you need to be careful as it will decrease the loading speed.
⦁ If you plan to show some images on the website, you can use the smaller images but make sure it comes under the quality. Using a larger thumbnail may slow down your process.
⦁ Most people use hero slides on their website to make the website beautiful, and it will also be eye-catching and engaging. However, before adding them to your website, make sure it is of the high-quality and proper size; otherwise, it will disturb your website’s loading speed. You can cut them into three or four slides or make them into a single high-quality slide.
⦁ Most website loading speed is getting lower because of the images. Your image will occupy 75% of your webpage, so when you upload the pictures, make sure it is of good quality. Even you can use certain apps to provide a quality image.
⦁ Check how many apps your online store is having and, of them, how many apps you are using. If you have any unused apps, remove them as most apps will run in the background, reducing the site’s performance.
You can follow these steps to increase your page speed, but even if you find difficulty loading speed, then take help from SEO Agency Sydney’s services regarding your site’s loading speed.
⦁ Keyword Research
Keyword research mostly involves finding the right keyword and using it in the right place to make the content attractive and engaging. If you want to make the Shopify SEO successful, then you need to target the right keywords. There are two types of keywords in the search list,
⦁ Short-Tail Keywords
Short-tail keywords consist of 1 to 2 keywords, and this kind of keyword is directly related to your business and product. Short-tail keyword comes with much competition, but it will increase the organic traffic. Nevertheless, never use more competitive keywords, as sometimes it may impact your ranking on the search page.
⦁ Long-Tail Keywords
This kind of long-tail keywords mostly occupies the online searches. They help to attract more visitors, and also, it will attract the conversion rate.
There are certain kinds of keyword tools that will help you find the potential keywords and find the new keyword, which will increase your web page’s traffic.
Once you have found out the right keywords, and then here are the steps that will let you know how to use them;
⦁ Create a Google Ads account and sign-in to the account
⦁ In the left-hand corner, you will find the tools option.
⦁ Go to keyword planner, which is available under the planning option.
⦁ In the find new keyword search box, enter a word that will determine your product or enter the URL of the page related to your business.
⦁ Then it will suggest some keywords which are related to your business.
Even you can search for the keyword in Google by typing “Search Volume and Competition”, which will let your know the most searched keyword and the total number of searches done for the particular keyword.

You can choose the keyword with a high search volume, as these kinds of keywords will increase your page’s traffic and conversions. If you are confused, use some keyword tools to provide you with the long-tail keywords and let you know what other sites are targeting.
If you did not find the right keyword tool, you could get help from Sydney SEO, suggesting you some potential keywords.
⦁ Get the Basics Right
The main reason for using the Shopify website is to optimize the page to get a higher rank. If you want to increase the ranking of your page, then you need to follow many processes. But here are some significant things which you should do;

⦁ Meta Titles
The title is an essential factor if you want to improve SEO. The title helps find out the content on the page, but it also helps the visitor see what your page contains in the search results pages. If you have an attractive and killer title, then you can attract several audiences. Some agencies like the Sydney SEO Agency will offer services related to the Meta Titles.
If you do not know to optimize your title, then here are some ways to do it;
⦁ Log in to the site and then click the Edit website SEO
⦁ Then go to the page title and type the title you want
⦁ You can enter up to 70 characters, but to make it look excellent and precise, do not cross more than 60 characters.
⦁ At the beginning of the title, use primary keywords and target keywords.
⦁ Then click save

⦁ Meta Description
The Meta description is also an essential factor to consider if you want to improve the SEO part. Here are some steps to follow to optimize your Meta descriptions;
⦁ In Shopify, you can use up to 320 characters, but on some website, you can use up to 160 characters only.
⦁ In the beginning, you need to use strong keywords.

⦁ Images
Incorporating the right images and the strong keyword is a mandatory task, as Google even reads the photos you added. Once you have entered into the Shopify admin, then go to the product and then click the product with pictures that you want to edit;
Here are some steps to follow if you want to optimize your image;
File Name: You should give a name to each file; instead of providing a common name and product, you can suggest a term related to your product or service.
Image Alt Text: The image Alt text is used to explain the image used on the web page. The keywords should not be artificial, as the added keyword should be natural in your alt text.
Image Size: If you are using a large image, then it can decrease your page speed. So, use compressed images without compromising quality.

⦁ URLs
It is the most challenging part, as sometimes Shopify can annoy you when it comes to the URL. It may add some string to the site, so you cannot change the URL. If your URL has your product or business name, it would be a better idea, and also it will help the customer understand more about your product.
Even though you cannot change the URL, Google helps you to personalize the URL. Google will love the site if you add keywords in the URL, and it also results in many benefits. If you want to know more about the URL, then take help from agencies like SEO Sydney.

⦁ Backlinks are Incredibly Powerful
Backlinks are the most crucial part of SEO; when any other site links to your Shopify site, Google will understand that your site is worthy of connecting. Each backlink is considered the most important, and for each link, Google views your site as trustworthy, high-quality, and reputable. So, as a result, in the search engine results, you will get a higher rank.

The main thing to consider is that you should link the site, which should be of high-quality. But before the backlink process, here are some steps to consider;
⦁ Use mention.com, which will help you know whether your online store has been linked to any of the websites. If yes, then you can ask them to add the link to your site.
⦁ Find the sites with broken links, and you can ask those sites to link them to your site.
You can even use Moz’s Link Explorer and Ahrefs Site sites, which will let you know what kind of links your competitor are using. To get more information about the backlinks, then take help from the service agencies like SEO Agency Sydney.
Even you can add a PR team, which will help to earn quality backlinks. However, if you want to have a better ROI, you can directly link it to the product or service. Nevertheless, you need to find a link that will match the link of your content.
⦁ Unique Product Description
Once you have found the keywords and created other site settings, the most crucial part is creating unique content for your product. The product description should be unique, which plays a vital role in the Shopify site.
The product description will help the users to found out the product that they are looking for. The description plays multiple roles, as it will act as a marketing agent of your product, explain why the customer should buy the product, and explain its benefits.
When it comes to describing the content, you need to avoid copying the other website’s content. Google does not reward such duplicate content, and the description of the product will help get a higher rank.
On the Shopify site, every product and category page should have at least 250 characters. There are certain agencies like Sydney SEO that will helps with the description of the product.

⦁ Best Product Reviews
If you want to gain potential customers’ trust, then the product reviews will play an essential role. The reviews also help to get long-tail keywords that are required for the product and category pages.
A single review can satisfy all the potential customer’s doubts and help them understand our product well. You need to encourage the customers to share their positive thoughts on the product. Even some tools will help you get reviews from the customer or get help from SEO Agency Sydney services to know more about the product reviews.
Here are some best ways to approach the customer;
⦁ Find out the customer who buys more than one product from your site, and make them drop positive feedback regarding your site. Even you can drop an individual mail to them by thanking their service and inviting them to leave a review.
⦁ Create an automated mail for your customer, as once the product got delivered to them, you can send a mail to check whether the product has been received safely. This may increase the trust in you.

⦁ Create Unique Content
One of the best ways to build your SEO better is to produce unique content, as it not only adds value to the website and will encourage you to share it all over. You will get a higher rank if your content is considered more useful to the customers.
To get unique content, you need to research a lot or seek help from other resources or Sydney SEO agency. They will help you to develop unique content. To make your site more engaging, you can answer the customer’s question through your articles, videos, or blogs.

⦁ Include the Social Platform
A social platform is the only way to connect you and your product with the customers. Companies like SEO Sydney are offering services to improve your SEO through social media.
If social and SEO work together, there will be an increase in your website visibility, and the ranking will also get higher. Here are some facts that will let you know the connection between the social platform and SEO;
⦁ 74% of people will prefer the social media option before they make any purchase decision
⦁ 43% of people buy a product after learning from social media
⦁ 31% of people use social media to check about the product which they have heard about

How to improve the Shopify SEO?
If you have experience doing regular SEO on any of the websites, you need to follow the same procedure for incorporating the SEO in the Shopify store. However, here are the three most important points to consider before implementing the SEO in the Shopify site.
⦁ Technology
In today’s generation, the technology is running the whole world, and in Shopify SEO, the technology will help to understand your content of the site, and also it will make your site visible so that the search engine can easily find it.
⦁ Relevance
The Shopify SEO will check if you have produced the content related to the product, and also it should reach the number of visitors. If your content is right, it may send some signals to the search engine, and the engine will look into your content and help you with the content.
It will help you understand what kind of keywords are required for your website to get a higher rank.
⦁ Authority and Trust
You need to get a high authority for your website and find a relevant link that will match your product or service.
Is Shopify good for SEO in 2021?
Most e-commerce owners use Shopify to get a better online shopping experience, and it is excellent for SEO. Even if you are a beginner at the website, you can learn it quickly as the process is simple and easy. The website owner can easily navigate Shopify SEO, and also you will get all kinds of features required to increase the website’s traffic. If you are planning to invest in a platform, Shopify will be the best to invest.
More than 20% of the e-commerce owners depend on the Shopify site, and it is placed third in the list of top e-commerce platforms in the US. The reason is that many people choosing this platform is that it will help to grow your website continuously, and also it will give some innovative ideas to make your website visible to more customers. The Shopify SEO is getting a greater demand; most agencies like SEO Sydney concentrate on such a platform.

Here are some of the features the helps the SEO on the Shopify platform;
⦁ Easy Backend Administration
You can implement SEO in the Shopify platform, as it is easy and straightforward to use, and even if you are new to the website, you can operate it.
It consists of several features like apps and a dashboard that will make the user experience more fantastic.
⦁ Highly Flexible
Shopify will be a great tool if you are looking for flexibility in your website. You can use many features here to increase brand visibility and increase your website’s organic traffic.
⦁ Save time and money
There are so many platforms available that will increase the website ranking, but Shopify is the most popular and famous platform to help save much money. The feature available on the Shopify site is not found on the other side, so that the other sites may take much time, and it will not be easy to use. Nevertheless, your business can easily manipulate the Shopify site, and it does not require much time to build your brand.
⦁ High Built-in features
Shopify SEO site consists of advanced features available for all kinds of users, and also it consists of some advanced SEO apps to make the process easier. You will get both paid and free apps, but if you are looking for an agency that will help you with SEO, you can prefer SEO agency Sydney.
⦁ Secured Payment
This is the most important that every website should have. There are many spammers on the internet; they will use your web page while making the payment, and it may lead to risky situations.
If your website is more secured, your website will get mostly referred by the search engine results. Even the secured website also improves the time of the users who are staying on your website. Shopify consists of some apps to keep the user information safe and secured to make this process easier.
⦁ Web Content Management
If you want to increase your website’s organic traffic, you need to provide content that should be both new and consistent. In Shopify SEO, you will get tools to help you deliver content and help you choose the right set of keywords. Even some agencies like Sydney SEO agency are helping so many website owners produce quality and engaging content.
Frequently asked questions:
⦁ Is Shopify good for SEO?
SEO can be implemented to your Shopify website if you want to have a higher ranking for your websites, and also it offers some SEO tools to make the performance better.
If you want, you can use other kinds of resources or agencies like SEO Sydney, which will recommend better performance.
⦁ How do I add SEO to my Shopify store?
There are many ways to add SEO to your Shopify store, but the most common way to do that is to link your Google Analytics account with Shopify and set e-commerce tracking.
⦁ What is the best SEO app for Shopify?
Based on the needs of the website’s owner, the app may get differed for each website. However, make sure to choose the app that helps to boost your SEO. There are several apps available in the market, and you can choose any one of the apps and check whether it works effectively in the trial period before accepting the premium plan.
⦁ Can I use my domain name on Shopify?
You can use your domain name on Shopify, but that name should help the SEO purposes, and everyone should identify it. If you have such a name, you can connect the domain name to your existing store by visiting the setting options.
If you do not have any, Shopify will provide you, but you need to pay, or you can get it from third-party agencies like Sydney SEO who are offering services related to SEO.
⦁ Are Shopify stores optimized for speed?
Your brands Shopify store can be optimized for speed, but you need to keep your theme clean and optimize your images. You should keep a minimum number of apps so that the store gets load quickly.
Bottom Line:
Everyone knew that it would take some time to reach out to your business to many people. Likewise, Shopify SEO will also take time to provide effective results, but you need to work with patience and determination. If you are running your website, you need to improve your Shopify SEO as it is an essential factor for your website. This not only helps to enhance your product ratings but also your website will get higher organic traffic. If you are confused about Shopify SEO, you can get help from the service agencies like SEO agency Sydney, and they may help you with all kinds of queries.